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"A lawyer of rare human qualities"

"When my son decided to immigrate to Canada to join his sister who is a Canadian citizen, we started looking for a lawyer to help us with the most complicated matter in our lives.  My daughter's brother-in-law recommended Karen who successfully helped him to unite with his wife and son even though they were previously refused visas several times and were struggling with the immigration process.   From the very beginning of meeting Karen, I felt myself speaking to a person I have known for a long time and the person who was really interested in helping people.  I was quite impressed by her attention to the smallest details and even wording of the documents, and only then did my son and I understood the importance of this.  Karen provided not only legal help but she was always there to give advice when we felt ourselves in a deadlock.  She is a lawyer of rare human qualities who cares for her clients, seeks for the best solution for every single person she is working with.  She even continued to support us in these horrible days of the world virus crisis by sending information from IRCC, which gives us hope that everything will be OK.  Karen also shows a complete knowledge of Canadian legislation and not only in the sphere of immigration, but also in employment and everyday life in Canada, which makes her invaluable for those people who want to start life in a new country.  I highly recommend Karen to everyone who is planning to come to Canada and is looking for an expert in immigration matters.  Thank you, Karen!"

- Gouzel Nezhmetdinova

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"Always took the initiative"

"Karen was an AMAZING immigration lawyer for us.  Our family was deported from Canada so our immigration history was extremely difficult.  We knew that we had only one chance to put forward our immigration application.  Karen thoroughly helped us throughout the entire process (which spanned a few years) and she always took the initiative to check the status for us with Canadian Immigration.  She was constantly ensuring the process was moving forward so we never needed to ask for an update.  This was a nice change as compared to my previous experience with immigration lawyers, where they tend to delegate most of the work to other staff and it's often difficult to talk to the lawyer directly.  I have no hesitation in recommending Karen as an immigration lawyer.  She is extremely attentive, caring, and diligent.  Karen, thank you again for helping our family reunite in Canada after having been deported previously.  We're extremely grateful for everything you've done for us!"


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"...Karen's advice is invaluable to my family and me"

"Karen is friendly and courteous.  She is thorough, competent and pays attention to details.  She answered all my questions patiently and gave me correct, timely legal advice.  Her legal opinion has been invaluable for me and my family." 

- Madhu D.


"...the Best Human and Best Lawyer"

"I dealt with many other high profile lawyers who all just wasted my time and lots of money.  After so many years, I still remember Karen's hard work and dedication.  Karen, from the bottom of my heart, you are a very honest person and you charged me extremely fractions of what others were asking.  You are passionate and immerse yourself in what you do.  My wife and I now have four children.  Karen, YOU are the Best Human and Best Lawyer - thank you!"

- A. Siddiqui

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"...extremely helpful... for Common Law sponsorship"

"Karen was extremely helpful throughout our process of applying for Common Law sponsorship, and she kept us up to date on IRCC's ever-changing policies. Applying for permanent residence in Canada can be confusing and stressful, so we greatly appreciated her guidance and support throughout the process. She ensured that we followed the correct application procedures and helped us avoid mistakes. Thanks to her, we are now happily living together in Toronto!"

- Cody Hoffman and Tim Hannah

"Above and Beyond the Call of Duty"

"I am an United States citizen living and working in Canada. Since 2010, Karen Kwan Anderson has been my immigration lawyer. She assisted me in obtaining my permanent residency. Karen was extremely thorough, knowledgeable, patient, and very kind. My permanent resident card expired August 2021. I had to make two emergency trips to the United States during the COVID-19 pandemic due to a dire emergency with my father . One trip in late April 2021 and when my father was dying in July 2021. The United States/Canadian Border was closed both times I had to cross . Karen went above and beyond the call of duty to ensure I was able to get back to Canada . She wrote a letter stating my permanent resident card renewal was in process and stated the border officer could call her if needed. I did have to cross into Canada with my expired permanent resident card. Karen was there through several emails giving me support, condolences, and immigration information so I was prepared . I thank her from the bottom of my heart ."

- Maureen Patricia Bednarek

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"Karen fought for me and we won!"

"Karen was a godsend in my case.  When I first met her, she wasn't taking any new clients at the time.  But a year later, I reached out to her and thankfully she was available to take new clients.  I had to let my previous lawyer go and hired Karen to represent me.  I am glad I made the right choice.  It was meant to be.  I was in a hopeless situation until I met Karen.  I had a complicated Removal Order case. One thing my previous lawyer did not have was time and availability when I needed to reach him.  Karen was there for me from day one.  She made herself available to me, she kept me well informed, she was proactive, consistent and cared at the same time.  She walked me through every step of the way in my case without leaving anything out.  Send her an email and you will get a response the same day without hesitations.  My case was complicated, delicate and unique but Karen fought for me and we won!  I highly recommend Karen to everyone seeking immigration help.  She will go above and beyond for you.  Most lawyers are there for the money and don't care much to be there for you, but Karen is really all about the best interest of the client.  She surpassed my expectations.   Thanks to Karen, I am now free to remain in Canada!" - P.N.N.

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"...professional... extremely knowledgeable "

"Karen is a true professional who pays great attention to detail and gives the best advice. She responds immediately to all queries and is a friendly face when one becomes uncertain of any process. She is extremely knowledgeable in her field and I would Highly recommend her.  Thank you Karen for all you did for me.  You made the daunting admin intensive process flow with ease and precision and you helped me to remain positive and hopeful at all times.  I will always be eternally grateful for your services."  THANK YOU!

Lee-Ann Posthumus

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"An amazing professional lawyer.  Extremely organized with all the paperwork/documents. Glad we chose to work with you for our parents."

- Suruchi Gaurav Mehra

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"A great human being and a great lawyer!"

"Karen's dedication and genuine passion for helping her clients, as far as I can tell from my experience, goes way above and beyond what I expected.  I am extremely thankful for the outcome and Karen's guidance in my case.  I was totally at ease with her from the first time I spoke with her (she made sure of that), and therefore whenever I will need any professional immigration legal services again, I will have zero hesitation in contacting her again.  What was more interesting about Karen, in addition to her hard work and professionalism is this:  after completing work for me and weeks had gone by, Karen still found time to check on me during the passage of Hurricane Irma.  This is because I live in the Caribbean within the hurricane belt and the island that I was on was in the path of that Hurricane.  I was genuinely surprised and thankful for this kind of concern.  This alone in my books makes Karen a GREAT human being in addition to her being a great Immigration Lawyer.  I highly recommend Karen without any hesitation whatsoever to everyone who needs a great immigration lawyer."

- John Nazarius Aristide

"Surviving the immigration roller coaster
with Karen..."

"Karen is a very detailed oriented and extremely competent professional who always has her clients' best interest in mind.  We are always informed of the status of our case and Karen always makes a great effort to get back to us promptly.  What we especially appreciate about Karen is her passion, years of experience and her ability to remain calm.  We are not sure how we could have survived the ongoing emotional roller coaster ride called Canadian Immigration.  We cannot imagine what it would be like if we had to do this alone.  We would highly recommend Karen to anyone seeking help with any immigration issue.  You will be in great and competent hands with Karen.  We could never have gotten this far with Canadian Immigration without Karen's help, direction and compassion." 

- Robert and Gina Burke

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"Karen is knowledgeable, professional, available..."

"I'm eternally grateful to Karen for her professional advice, support and encouragement. She was a constant stream of up-to- date information, even during the uncertain pandemic times. 

Karen responds immediately to any query and constantly follows-up on all activities. This was extremely reassuring and put my mind at ease. Karen is knowledgeable, professional, available and provides excellent service. She is my Immigration Lawyer that became a friend and I'm eternally grateful that I was referred to her in 2017. Thank you Karen for everything you did for me. Now I'm a proud Canadian citizen.

I would highly recommend Karen and her professional services."

- Lee-Ann Posthumus 

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